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CTC International Group, Inc. provides actionable intelligence to educate clients and help them make informed decisions. Headed by former Central Intelligence Agency officers, CTC employs the intelligence cycle to provide private clients with the same high quality process the U.S. Government uses to make decisions. Targeted research combined with professional analysis yields intelligence, not just “information,” which separates the “nice to know” from the “need to know.” CTC provides intelligence to CEOs, attorneys and other decision makers who need accurate, predictive, and actionable intelligence. Because knowledge really is power.

CTC has served private clients since 1992.

Lisa M. Ruth, President & CEO

Lisa M. Ruth brings her strong intelligence,

analysis and leadership skills to CTC. She is 

an engaged, informed, energetic, curious and

critical thinker, and is focused on delivering

excellence to CTC’s clients.

Ms. Ruth served as an officer with the CIA for 

years, as both an analyst and a Special Projects

Officer. Her specialties include Latin America,

counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency,

tracing and identifying money laundering and

arms transfers.  She also completed tours in the CIA and White House Operations Centers, providing 24-hour intelligence support to high-level U.S. policy makers.

In addition to her work at CTC, Ms. Ruth regularly writes analysis and global intelligence articles for national news sites, and regularly appears on local and national news shows. She is Editor-in-Chief of Communities Digital News (CDN) and hosts a weekly radio show discussing international events.

Ms. Ruth holds an MA in international relations from the University of Virginia, and a BA in international relations from George Mason University. She is also a fierce Jeopardy! competitor and avid sports fan.

Ms. Ruth serves as Chairman of the Board of Horses Healing Hearts, and is involved with several other charitable organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and AYSO.

Teri Rustmann, COO

Teri Rustmann heads research for CTC International and is recognized as an expert in objective research and reporting. She joined CTC at its founding, and has provided clients with exceptional service and intelligence for more than 20 years.

Before joining CTC, Ms. Rustmann was a CIA officer, serving in the Middle East and Africa. She served in a variety of roles throughout the region, and provided direct support to top US policy makers on high-profile intelligence issues.

Ms. Rustmann also previously held a Series 7 license and has extensive experience in reporting on financial issues.

Nabil F. Erian, Chief Risk Control & Security Officer
Nabil F. Erian is an experienced senior risk and security executive skilled in delivering business integrated added value solutions in volatile circumstances.

Mr. Erian has a unique background combining security and intelligence in both the public and private sector. His 30 year career includes the US military, US government, and some of the world’s leading private companies, including, British American Tobacco, Phillip Morris, and Mondelez International. His last posting was the Global Security Director, Eastern Europe, Africa and Middle East for Mondelez International.

While skilled in all areas of security and intelligence, Mr. Erian’s main area of expertise is devising and directing risk based strategies to achieve growth objectives while protecting people and reputations in high risk and volatile markets.

Mr. Erian specializes in risk management, market entry, troubleshooting, continuity planning, crisis management, personnel and asset protection, fraud prevention and investigation, business development, supply chain security and relationship management – all in strategic and operational contexts.

Having served overseas for more than 20 years, Mr. Erian has an extensive global network capable of resolving complex issues in a timely, legal and ethical manners.

Mr. Erian is a native English, Arabic, and French speaker.  He is also fluent in Persian Farsi. He is an avid equestrian and a

regular competitor in international long distance endurance races.

Jason Fishbein, Esq., General Counsel
Jason Fishbein provides legal counsel for our clients’ complex and sensitive global intelligence requirements.

Mr. Fishbein first joined CTC as an intelligence investigator in 2005, before obtaining admission to the Florida Bar

in 2010 (FL Bar #86465). Mr. Fishbein has experience in investigations, corporate security, government and media

relations, strategic counseling, and crisis management.

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