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Before you make a decision, call CTC. 

When you need intelligence, call CTC.

Clients rely on CTC to provide finished intelligence – synthesizing research, analysis and reporting – to make decisions. CTC’s comprehensive approach combines targeted, in depth research and strategic analysis to put pieces together and link fragments to create a full picture.

The intelligence professionals at CTC provide comprehensive, value-added intelligence that goes beyond individual pieces of information. CTC not only uncovers hard-to-find information, it also analyzes that information to connect the dots, fill in the blanks, and find additional sources to get clients the intelligence they need to make informed decisions.

While CTC’s inclusive process is applicable for any intelligence need, following are some specific applications:

CTC can assist in any situation that requires in-depth research and comprehensive analysis to produce actionable intelligence. Whether you need an analysis of legislative changes in Mongolia,information on mining capabilities in

New Mexico, an understanding of micro finance opportunities in Thailand, in depth patent research in the US, or anything else, CTC can help.

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